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Access Control & Unified Storage

Windows AD

Seamless integration

Windows Active Directory (AD) is a directory service created by Microsoft, widely used by many corporations, that allows IT administrators to centralize and manage resources over a network. Understanding the account integration needs that businesses have, ASUSTOR has ensured that all its NAS devices are able to seamlessly integrate with Windows AD. After an ASUSTOR NAS has been successfully added to a Windows AD domain, AD users will then be able to use their own AD accounts to log in to and access the NAS. This provides simple and efficient management for IT staff as they do not need to create new accounts for every NAS added to the domain.

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Easy management

Managing large scale IT environments have always been the heaviest burden for IT managers. ASUSTOR has made continuous efforts in this area to help IT staff simplify their responsibilities and reduce their burden. ADM's easy to use interface provides management tools for network users and groups, allowing IT administrators to configure different folder access rights for each Windows AD user and group.

IP SAN iSCSI Storage

Why do you need Unified Storage?

ASUSTOR provides a Unified Storage solution with an optimal price/performance ratio, allowing your NAS to become a file or backup server and at the same time act as an IP-SAN iSCSI storage device. iSCSI not only can be used to expand a server's storage space but also, when used with a virtual environment like VMware, Citrix or Hyper-V, act as a datastore for a virtual server.

The iSCSI features supported by ASUSTOR NAS devices include:

  • LUN Mapping
  • Target Masking
  • ISO File Mounting
  • MPIO & MCS Support
  • Persistent (SCSI-3) Reservations

Comparison between Unified Storage and traditional storage devices:




Unified Storage






Protocol Level




Block & File






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A must for your virtual environment

iSCSI and NFS are primary datastore solutions for virtual environments and are also important in spreading the use of virtualization as a whole. When compared with other storage mediums, ASUSTOR NAS can offer an optimal price/performance ratio and value which is of particular importance to small and medium businesses.

ASUSTOR understand that stable and high performing shared storage is a must for virtual environments. iSCSI and NFS support on the ASUSTOR NAS allows you to seamlessly integrate with any existing IT environments. All ASUSTOR NAS devices are verified as VMware, Citrix and Hyper-V ready, providing you with a flexible and cost-efficient virtual storage solution.

Backup & Restore

Mission Mode

Mission Mode

Never again worry about your critical backup jobs stopping or failing to complete because your ASUSTOR NAS won't stop until it's "mission complete". Sometimes backup jobs may be stopped because of various connection problems with a busy server on the other end. For Rsync, FTP, external and cloud backups, ASUSTOR's Mission Mode allows you to configure the number of connection attempts and time interval for connection attempts, ensuring for the successful completion of your backup mission. This also gives IT administrators a significant amount of flexibility when configuring backup jobs.

Time Machine Backup

Optimized for your Mac

Mac lovers rejoice! You can use your Mac's built-in backup, Time Machine, to easily back up your Mac to an ASUSTOR NAS. All ASUSTOR NAS devices have been optimized for use with Time Machine, providing Mac lovers with a familiar and easy to use backup solution.

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Multi-user support

Different Mac users can now safely backup their computers to the same NAS device. Unlike other NAS devices, ASUSTOR NAS does not just use one group account to carry out backup jobs for all Mac users, storing all their jobs under the same directory. With ASUSTOR NAS each Mac user is able to use an independent account and backup location thereby guaranteeing privacy for all.

Rsync Backup

The ultimate tool for remote backup

Rsync is an application originally developed for UNIX that is usually used for backup and sync between two computers. By providing block level replication, Rsync is able to offer incremental backup. Incremental backup allows for successive backup jobs (after your first backup job) to only copy data that has changed since your last backup job. Rsync is suitable for use with files and data that are always changing. It lets you cut down on backup time while significantly reducing bandwidth usage.

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A rich and flexible backup solution

ASUSTOR's Rsync Backup function supports two-way data transfers, incremental backup, encrypted backup and also the scheduling of your NAS to perform regular backup jobs. It effectively simplifies data backup while also substantially reducing the burden on IT staff. ASUSTOR's Rsync backup function may be used to complete tasks such as:

  • The transfer or backup of data from your NAS to an Rsync compatible server
  • Initiating downloads of the data from an Rsync compatible server to your NAS

One Touch Backup

One touch and you're done.

Simply plug your USB storage device or camera into the ASUSTOR NAS and push the backup button. Your data will then be copied to a location on the NAS that you specify. Your photos and data are precious - ASUSTOR NAS ensures that they are protected with just the push of a button.

It doesn't get much simpler.

One Touch Backup also allows you to back up the data on your NAS, hassle-free. ASUSTOR's 2-way transfer support allows for your NAS data to be copied to your favorite USB storage device, providing an effective disaster recovery solution.

FTP, External & Cloud Backup

Your best bet for FTP backup

FTP has always been a widely used and popular transfer protocol. ASUSTOR NAS's FTP Backup function may be used to complete tasks such as:

  • The transfer or backup of the data from your NAS to an FTP server.
  • Initiating downloads of data from an FTP server to your NAS

FTP Backup supports two-way data transfers, incremental backups and also the scheduling of your NAS to perform regular backup jobs. It effectively simplifies data backup while also substantially reducing the burden on IT staff.

Regular backups of your vital data

ASUSTOR's built-in RAID storage technology can provide a certain level of data protection, but regularly backing up the data on your NAS is also very important.

The External backup function supports two-way data transfers, incremental backups and also the scheduling of your NAS to perform regular backup jobs. It may be used to complete tasks such as:

  • The transfer or backup of the data from your NAS to an external device.
  • Initializing the copying of data from an external device to your NAS

High speed transfers

All ASUSTOR NAS support the SuperSpeed USB 3.0 interface. When you need to copy files from your NAS to an external device for sharing or exchange, you can make use of a multitude of transmission interfaces supported by ASUSTOR NAS (USB 3.0, USB 2.0 and eSATA¹) to quickly get the job done.

¹eSATA is only available on the 6 series.

Connect to the cloud

Now home and business users alike can back up the data from their ASUSTOR NAS to popular cloud storage service Amazon S3, further ensuring the protection of their data. This means that in the event that the data on your NAS is damaged you will be able to immediately restore it from Amazon S3. ASUSTOR NAS is able to both upload to and download from Amazon S3, letting you get backup and restoration jobs done in just a few easy steps.

Windows Backup

Set and forget

ASUSTOR's Backup Plan software for Windows provides you with worry-free backup. Simply schedule a regular backup job of your PC to your NAS, then let Backup Plan take care of the rest. Backup Plan will work in the background to ensure that your PC is always backed up.

Real time synchronization

Any data that is lost between scheduled backups is unprotected. Backup Plan lets you configure real time file synchronization for those important and ever-changing file folders. Any changes that you make to your protected files and folder will be updated in real time. Now you can rest assured knowing that your critical files are always protected and up to date.

Restore with just one click

With ASUSTOR's Backup Plan, data restoration is a breeze. In the unfortunate event that you lose your data, all you need to do is click on the "Restore" button and your data will be restored back to its previous location.

Multiple plans

Backup plan supports up to 6 different plans, giving you supreme flexibility for your data backup needs.

Google Drive

Create a hybrid cloud, protect and secure your data

After installing the Google Drive App on ASUSTOR NAS, you will be able to integrate both cloud and personal storage spaces. Google Drive’s supported data transfer methods include downloading and uploading from the NAS to Google Drive and a two-way sync mode. No matter if it is data backup or remote access to data, Google Drive on ASUSTOR NAS is able to meet your needs.


  1. Google documents cannot be backed up.
  2. The frequency of synchronization is once every 5 minutes.

Configure individually for each ADM account

Each ADM account is able to individually log in to one Google account in order to configure and customize Google Drive according to personal needs.


A new cloud storage option

Strato HiDrive is a popular cloud storage platform that is widely used in Europe. Now you can integrate your ASUSTOR NAS with HiDrive, to create more flexible data applications. HiDrive’s supported data transfer methods include Rsync, FTP, FTPS and SFTP.

Note: Only HiDrive paid accounts are able to use Rsync, FTP, FTPS and SFTP transfer services.

Supports concurrent users

Each and every ADM users is able to create an individual HiDrive account. HiDrive also supports the creation of multiple transfer schedules and mission mode which helps to ensure the successful completion of backup jobs.

Server Hosting

Rsync Server

Your remote backup server

In addition to supporting backup to Rsync compatible servers, the ASUSTOR NAS itself can be used as an Rsync server, providing centralized backup for all your devices. Its RAID storage technology provides your data with added protection allowing it to become an optimal disaster recovery solution. Now devices in all of your office locations around the world, whether in New York, London, or Tokyo, will be able to backup data to any ASUSTOR NAS being used as a centralized backup server. ASUSTOR's Rsync Server also supports encrypted backup, giving you the kind of safety and protection required for your most critical data.

Impregnable security

The Rsync Server on each ASUSTOR NAS follows standard Rsync protocol. This means that unlike other NAS devices, ASUSTOR NAS allows you to manage backup modules and accounts for all Rsync backup jobs. For example, you can assign a different module to each individual client (i.e., branch office) backing up to the NAS. This ensures that the data received from each client will be stored in different locations thereby preventing storage conflicts and providing privacy and security for each client.

FTP Server

Your own FTP server

FTP is one of the most widely used and popular transfer protocols in the world. Every ASUSTOR NAS has a built-in FTP server feature that allows you to create a personal FTP server in just a matter of seconds. Hosting your own FTP server will instantly give you the power to share and exchange files over the internet.

Anywhere access

With FTP server, you will be able to access your NAS via FTP from almost anywhere in the world. No matter if you are on a business trip or vacation, or wish to share files with family and friends, all that's needed is a device with internet access and the data on your NAS can be accessed in no time.

Web Server

Host your own website

No matter if it is a personal blog, company website, or e-commerce website, ASUSTOR NAS's Web Server function lets you host your very own website right on the NAS. Furthermore, you can use App Central to download Apps for content management, database management, bulletin board systems and more, allowing you to easily set up all different types of websites in just minutes.

Multiple websites

Additionally, for users who wish to host more than one website, the Virtual Host function lets you host multiple websites on the ASUSTOR NAS. This provides for easy maintenance and significantly reduced server setup costs while offering data protection benefits as well.

Mail Server (beta)

A cost-effective and efficient mail service solution

The ability to send and receive email is fundamental to all businesses. However, expensive implementation costs and complicated management create barriers for most small and medium sized businesses. ASUSTOR’s Mail Server offers a comprehensive and cost-effective solution that allows any business to easily maintain their own dedicated mail server.

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Complete functionality, concise interface, easy management

The integration of ADM user accounts and email accounts allows administrators to maintain just a single user list. Furthermore, the ability to limit the size of email accounts and individual email items, view information about queued items along with a bandwidth monitor help to ensure that users will not abuse the email service and waste vital bandwidth resources.

Exclusive backup mechanism protects important mail

Administrators are able to configure scheduled backups of all Mail Server configuration files and user email to any folder on the NAS. If an accident should cause the original files to become damaged or lost, administrators will be able to quickly restore all files, ensuring the protection of all important email.

Storage Management

Online Capacity Expansion

Not enough storage space?

Insufficient storage space forcing you to consider upgrading your NAS to one with more disk bays?

ASUSTOR NAS supports online capacity expansion¹ which means that you can easily swap out all your old disks for higher capacity ones without turning off your NAS. Now you can increase the storage capacity of your NAS without worrying about getting an entire new system.

¹You must use RAID 1, 5, 6, or 10

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Uninterrupted access

During the capacity expansion process, while your data is being transferred over to the new disks, you will still be able to access everything on the NAS. Online capacity expansion does not require any advanced IT skills to execute and helps you to eliminate cumbersome backup and migration procedures. When it's time to upgrade your NAS's capacity, ASUSTOR simply gets the job done for you without missing a beat.

Online RAID Migration

Upgrade on the fly

After using your NAS for a while you may be looking to upgrade the RAID level of your storage volumes in order to reap the benefits of increased data protection. However, you may be a bit apprehensive due to concerns about backing up or migrating your data. ASUSTOR understands your needs, and provides you with online RAID migration which lets you migrate your storage volume's RAID level to a higher one while your NAS is still online. Your NAS remains completely operational and you will have full access to your files while migration is ongoing.

Advantages of RAID migration

ASUSTOR's RAID migration provides you with a variety of flexible deployment options. If you are on a tight budget and don't want to buy a complete set of hard disks along with your NAS, you can just buy one or two disks according to your needs. Later, when your storage needs require it, you can choose to buy more disks and adjust your RAID level accordingly.

For example, if you started with an AS-606T NAS model (maximum capacity of six disks) and hoped to have a storage volume that could support one faulty disk then you might first purchase two hard disks in order to create a RAID 1 volume. Later, when your storage needs increase, you can add another hard disk to the volume and migrate the original RAID 1 level to RAID 5, giving you additional storage space.

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Ultimate data protection

ASUSTOR NAS makes use of RAID storage technology to provide protection for your data. RAID mainly revolves around the core concept of combining your disks to protect the data inside. ASUSTOR offers a number of different RAID level configurations that you can choose from when creating storage volumes. Each RAID level offers a differing degree of data protection, system performance and storage space. ASUSTOR's supported RAID levels are summarized in the chart below:










Minimum number of disks








Faulty Disks Tolerated








Increased System performance








Maximum use of Storage space








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System & Data Security


Secure Access with VPN connections

You can choose to use the VPN client to ensure the security of your connections or use the NAS as a VPN server letting others connect to it. This way, remote users, branch offices, business partners and even employees on business trips can quickly establish secure connections. ASUSTOR's VPN service brings businesses a truly effective solution.

  • Supports commonly used PPTP and OpenVPN protocols
  • Ability to instantly view connections and disconnect suspicious connections when acting as a VPN server
  • Supports ability to disconnect and automatically connect upon system startup when acting as a VPN client

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Secure connections

ASUSTOR NAS supports VPN connections giving you secure access and flexible deployment options. Your NAS is able to act as a VPN client which can then connect to VPN servers via PPTP or OpenVPN protocols, allowing you to gain access to different virtual private networks. ASUSTOR NAS also supports the creation of multiple VPN connection profiles allowing you to easily switch connections between different VPN networks.

Folder-based AES 256-bit Encryption

Military Grade Encryption

Your most important data deserves the best security. ASUSTOR NAS offers folder based military grade AES 256-bit encryption, giving you the type of security and privacy that you require for your most confidential data. All data stored in encrypted folders will be automatically encrypted and secured to the highest of standards. Should you ever lose your NAS or hard disks, you still needn't worry about your sensitive data falling into the wrong hands.

Folder-based efficiency

Unlike other NAS devices, ASUSTOR NAS gives you the flexibility to select the individual folders that you want to encrypt. Other NAS devices encrypt entire storage volumes which significantly slows down the system. Any encrypted portions of storage volumes will be subject to a decrease in performance. However, with ASUSTOR NAS you are free to encrypt only your most confidential data while leaving other data unencrypted, creating a perfect balance between performance and security.

ADM Defender


Use ADM Defender's firewall to control access to your NAS. Ensure the security of your system by deciding who has access to your NAS and who doesn't.

Network Defender

ADM Defender's Network Defender function protects you from malicious attacks and prevents hackers from trying to access your NAS. Any client IP addresses with too many unsuccessful login attempts to your NAS within a specified time period will be blocked by Network Defender.


Connect via a Proxy Server

ASUSTOR NAS supports proxy servers, allowing you to easily connect to the Internet via a proxy server in order to install or update software such as ADM or Apps from App Central. In addition to supporting HTTP and HTTPS proxy servers, ASUSTOR also supports proxy authentication providing you with safe proxy connections.

Video Surveillance

Live View

Cross-platform browsing

All users can use Surveillance Center from the comfort of a familiar operating system via Internet Explorer*, Chrome*, FireFox or Safari. Surveillance Center not only provides real-time surveillance monitoring and playback of recordings for multiple camera channels, but also significantly decreases the resources needed to operate Surveillance Center providing you with an optimal and seamless experience.


Internet Explorer and Chrome is only supported on Windows operating system

Keep an eye on it

Worried about leaving your home unattended? Keep an eye on the most important things with Surveillance Center. Surveillance Center's fully optimized interface allows you to simultaneously view live feeds from up to 4 IP cameras, take snapshots and control the pan tilt and zoom functions of all cameras giving you complete peace of mind.

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Camera patrolling

The patrol paths function allows you to quickly create up to 5 different camera patrol paths. In addition to allowing cameras to automatically move (PTZ) through the preset positions, you can also configure the time the camera will stop at each position.

Recording & Playback

The best things in life are free

ASUSTOR's Surveillance Center comes with 4 license free channels letting you to setup 4 different network IP cameras. This significantly lowers startup costs for your surveillance system. No matter if you prefer to use Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome, Surveillance Center's easy-to-use browser based interface and quick start wizard will allow you to create a security surveillance system in a snap.

Record only when you need to

Surveillance Center offers you a variety of recording options. No matter if you need scheduled continuous recording or recording only when certain events occur, Surveillance Center is sure to satisfy your needs. Surveillance Center's various recording modes are listed below:

  • Manual Recording: While viewing a live feed, you can click on the record button at any time to begin or stop recording. In the event that you do not stop your recording, Surveillance Center will record until your designated recording quota has been reached. 
  • Continuous or Scheduled Recording: Whether you require 24/7 continuous recording or recording only during a specific time, Surveillance Center can get the job done ensuring that you never miss any critical moments. 
  • Motion Trigger Recording: In the event that any motion is detected in the surveilled environment, Surveillance Center will immediately begin recording, allowing you to save significant space on your hard disks and ensuring that you never miss any critical moments. 
  • Alarm Trigger Recording: Triggering recording via a camera's alarm mechanism allows you to precisely record all critical events. Not only does this save space on your hard disks but also lowers the amount of reading and writing on your hard disks, prolonging their life. 
  • Motion Trigger and Alarm Trigger Recording: This mode combines motion trigger and alarm trigger recording. If either mode is triggered, recording will begin immediately. This is a comprehensive recording mode that ensures you will never miss any critical moments.

A breeze to use

Worried about a complicated playback interface?

Surveillance Center will change your mind! With its intuitive time axis and flexible switching between synchronous and asynchronous playback, Surveillance Center allows you to easily view recordings from the time period you require.

Smart search (IVA)

Having problems finding critical recordings from amongst mountains of recording data? The smart search function provided by Surveillance Center helps you to search for clues from amongst all recorded videos in order to help you quickly and efficiently find critical events.

  • Can quickly search a specified area for times where any motion was detected
  • Can simultaneously search up to 3 specified areas
  • Can configure the size of the object and level of sensitivity

Event Notification & Management

Immediate notification

When disruptions occur, you'll know immediately. You can use Surveillance Center's Event Management function to keep you informed of critical events. Whether these events are an alarm trigger, motion trigger or a disconnected camera, you can configure Surveillance Center to send you notification immediately via email or SMS.

Expanded IP camera compatibility with Generic RTSP

What do you do if your camera is not on Surveillance Center’s compatibility list? Surveillance Center can now receive real-time video streams from cameras via the Generic RTSP function that is supported by the majority of all cameras. This makes basic real-time video streaming and recording with almost any camera a breeze.

Camera expansion with add-on licenses

Need to monitor more areas? No problem! In addition to the 4 free camera licenses provided by default you can also use ASUSTOR’s flexible add-on camera licenses to add camera channels, allowing you to easily expand the scope of your surveillance system. What’s more, you can also freely transfer camera licenses among different ASUSTOR devices.

  • 2 different camera license packages are offered: single channel and 4 channels
  • 7 series devices can be expanded to a maximum of 16 channels, 6 series devices to a maximum of 12, and 3/2 series devices to a maximum of 8.


  1. The maximum number of camera channels is determined by the test results of each channel (based on 720P (1280x72)、30 FPS、H.264). Actual performance may differ according to camera settings and NAS load conditions.
  2. In order to provide optimal and stable resources for the surveillance system, Surveillance Center’s local display function will be disabled after the camera channel expansion function has been enabled.

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Local Display

Who's that at the door? Turn on your TV to find out!

Surveillance Center on ASUSTOR Portal provides real-time surveillance feeds, allowing ASUSTOR NAS devices to output high resolution video from IP cameras. Users need only connect their NAS to an HD display via HDMI to instantly begin monitoring all of their surveillance feeds. Furthermore, in addition to simultaneously viewing 4 channels of video feeds, users will be able to control Surveillance Center using the ASUSTOR Remote, AiRemote mobile app and USB mouse and keyboard.

  • First in the world to support HDMI local output
  • Simultaneously view 4 channels of high definition video feeds
  • Supports switching between single and 4 feed display as well as automatic cycling between feeds

* Installation of ASUSTOR Portal and Surveillance Center 2.0 is required

** Display performance may vary between different IP camera models and be affected by video content, network bandwidth, recording settings and other applications running on the NAS.