G.SHDSL Bridge Router with 4-port Switch



Based on Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) technology, PLANET's new DSL product, the GRT-401 provides an affordable, flexible, and efficient Internet access solution for SOHO customers, while reducing deployment and operational costs from service providers. Using existing telephone lines, the GRT-401 concentrates all traffic onto a single high-speed trunk for Internet activities or sharing a corporate intranet. Through the simple-yet-powerful management user interface of the GRT-401, networks administrators can complete a managed network deployment just in seconds.

With bandwidth of up to 2.304Mbps, the GRT-401 outperforms both T1's at 1.544 Mbps and E1's at 2.048 Mbps. By using a standard RJ-11 phone wire as a connection medium, the installation and equipment cost of the GRT is dramatically less than that of T1, E1 or Frame Relay. Using integrated bridging and routing support, two GRT-401s can be connected as a LAN-to-LAN network connection at a distance up to 6.7km (4.2 miles) using regular phone wire, eliminating the need for expensive leased line CSU/DSU peripherals and V.35 Cisco routers. Now two offices can be connected for inter-LAN communication using just one telephone pair and two GRT-401's.
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GRT-401 G.SHDSL Bridge/Router (1x RJ-11, 4 x RJ-45)


Ethernet Distance extension 
The GRT-401 is excellent for Ethernet distance extension over existing telephone wires. With just one pair of AWG-26 copper wire, you can easily connect two Ethernet networks far away (maximum 6.7 kilometers/4.2 miles) with a maximum 2.3Mbps (at maximum 3.3km/2.1 miles) full duplex transfer rate.

ISP Solution 
G.SHDSL is the best solution to quickly provide cost-effective, high speed network service to Enterprise and SME users or SOHO users which need high-speed symmetrical Internet connections. By utilizing the existing telephony infrastructure, network installation is simple and straightforward. With up to 2.3Mbps full duplex speed IP telephony, website hosting and various broadband services can be easily provisioned.
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GRT-401 G.SHDSL Bridge/Router (1x RJ-11, 4 x RJ-45)

Key Features

• Easy configuration and management with password control for various application 
• Efficient IP routing and transparent learning bridge to support broadband 
 Internet services 
• NAT/PAT feature lets user both conserve valuable IP address space and reduce IP 
 address management, meanwhile, also protects certain attack from outer network 
 or internal workstations. 
• Fully ATM protocol stack implementation over SHDSL 
• PPPoA and PPPoE support user authentication with PAP/CHAP/MS-CHAP 
• SNMP management with SNMPv1/SNMPv2 agent and MIB II 
• Console and remote (Telnet or HTTP) administration allow user or service 
 providers to locally or remotely diagnose network problems in detail 
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GRT-401 G.SHDSL Bridge/Router (1x RJ-11, 4 x RJ-45)


Console port RS-232
Routing IP Routing
Static Routing and RIPv1/RIPv2
IP masquerading NAT
DHCP server
DNS relay and caching
Interface RJ-11
SHDSL ITU-T G.991.2 (Annex A, Annex B)
Encoding Scheme 16-TCPAM
Data Rate N x 64Kbps (N=3~36)
Impedance 135ohms
Interface 4 x RJ-45
Ethernet 10Base-T, 100Base-TX
Data Rate 10/100Mbps, Full/Half-Duplex
LED Indicator
General PWR
Dimensions (WxDxH) 187 x 145 x 33 mm
Power 9V DC, 1000mA
Power consumption 8 watts / 27.5 BTU
Operating Temp. 0~45 Degree C
Storage Temp. -20~70 Degree C
Operating Humidity 0~95% (non-condensing)
Storage Humidity 0~95% (non-condensing)

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GRT-401 G.SHDSL Bridge/Router (1x RJ-11, 4 x RJ-45)



Date Version Description Download
2007-11-24 1.0 GRT-401


Date Version Description Download
2008-04-09 302 1. Add the SHDSL driver (R3.1.1) for Conexant DSLAM
2. Modify Boot up LEDs display
2007-11-23 2.00 Firmware version 2.00
2007-11-23 1.42 First release version
2007-11-23 3.00 Initial Release for RoHS Version
2007-11-23 1.46 firmware version 1.46
2007-11-21 2.03 Fix the ping time out issue for non-RoHS version

User's Manual

Date Version Description Download
2007-12-27 4 User's Manual

EC Declaration

Date Version Description Download
2008-01-25   EC Declaration
Ordering Information
GRT-401 G.SHDSL Bridge/Router (1x RJ-11, 4 x RJ-45)

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GRT-401 G.SHDSL Bridge/Router (1x RJ-11, 4 x RJ-45)